Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rat Surf Radio Episode #12


Finally, it’s the end of 2010 and time for Episode #12 of Rat Surf Radio! This episode starts right off with some pounding punk rock from The Shirks, OFF! and legendary San Francisco punk godfathers, Crime. That raucous rampage is followed up by a hip, happening set featuring some great garage bands from the sixties that you may or may not have ever heard of before. Then it’s right into the surf segment and oh what a great set it is, loaded with everything from San Francisco’s Phantom Surfers and Trashwomen to Costa Mesa’s surf trash kings, Thee Cormans. Of course, I save my fav’s for last, featuring some of the best tunes by the ladies including Big Maybelle, Birdie Green and a super tight band out of tiny Burlington, Vermont, The Persian Claws. Hope ya dig it, don’t forget to share the love on your favorite social networks and please leave a comment! Thanks fer listening!!

Play List:

Long Time – The Shirks
I Don’t Belong – OFF!
Hot Wire My Heart – Crime

Something Bad – The Mojo Men
Did Ya Need to Know? – Dale Gregory and the Shouters
Double Whammy – Jack Bedient & The Chessmen
It’s a Lie – The Cobras

Hangover – The Waistcoats
High Voltage – The Treblemakers
Flutterfoot – The Phantom Surfers
Signs of the Ages – The Vice Barons
Surf Party – The Tormentos
Romulan Attack – Thee Shatners
Miserlou – The Trashwomen
Number 6 – Thee Cormans

Dark Eyes – The Kingsmen
Cobra – Bailey’s Nervous Kats
Ace Of Spades – The Charles Napiers

I’ve Got a Feelin’ – Big Maybelle
Tremblin’ – Birdie Green
Baby Doll – Del Moroccos
Yours Sincerely – The Persian Claws
Try To Cry – April March and the Makers

Surf Ghetto – The Crowd

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rat Surf Radio Episode #11


Hey kids, it’s Episode #11 of Rat Surf Radio! This episode starts out with a great new band out of Los Angeles, OFF!, featuring punk rock legend Keith Morris on vocals. Then we have a little early 80’s punk rock history lesson, Southern California style, with some of my favorite bands of that era. Don’t worry, hang in there and you’ll get yer fill of ear blastin’ garage trash and a healthy serving of slamming surf and intense instro - just as always! Hope ya dig it, don’t forget to share the love on your favorite social network and please leave a comment! Thanks fer listening!!

Play List:

Upside Down – Off!

Nervous Breakdown – Black Flag
Standing In Front of Poseur – Redd Kross
Wild in the Streets (7” version) – Circle Jerks

Miss Luxury – Bantam Rooster
Right Now – Teengenerate
Got to Get You Outside My Head – Thee Mighty Caesars
I Walk Alone – Beguiled

Lost Girl – Troggs
I’m a Roustabout – The Malcontents
Feel It – It’s All Meat

Test Driver – The Bunnys
Standoff – Hipbone Slim & The Kneetremblers
Zombie – CJ & The Casuals

Rocket Sled to Oahu – Meltones
Seven Faces Of Dr. Surf – Urban Surf Kings
Full Inch of Tongue – The Charles Napiers
Coffin Dagger – Coffin Daggers
Dick Hickeys – The Phantom Surfers

That Look You Gave to Me – Mickey & Ludella
You Can Touch – The A-Lines
I Can’t Be Trusted – Holly Golightly

My Dad’s A Fuckin’ Alcoholic – Frantix

Monday, October 11, 2010

Rat Surf Radio Episode #10


Hey kids, it’s Episode #10 of Rat Surf Radio! This one is guaranteed to melt the ears right off of yer head! Episode #10 explodes right out of the gate with a real rocker by 13 Frightened Girls, then right into a rip roarin’, snotty tune by the Fiends. Follow that up with some groovy 60’s goodness and well, that’s just the start! Budget Rock 9 sooprizes and a heaping slab of surf finish it off so sit back, relax, turn up your speakers and get ready to get BLASTED!!

Play List:

Can It Be – 13 Frightened Ghosts

Quit Pickin’ On Me – The Fiends
Feel Like Flying – The Embrooks
Aint Going Away – Danny Bunk and the Invaders
Coming Home – Blue Condition
Anyday, Anywhere – The Es-Shades
And in Time – The Higher State

I Swear – CoCoComa
She’s a Hole – The Oblivians
No Duh – The Icky Boyfriends
You’ve Got Me Hummin’ – Reigning Sound
Standing at the Station – Ty Segall

The Chase Is On – Harley Hatcher
Javalins Beat – The Javalins

Vlah, Vlah, Vlah – The Wangs
200 Lb Werewolf – The Neanderthals
Surfin’ to the Max – Revtunes
Detonation – Surf Creatures
Squarewave – The Treblemakers
Pollution in the Ocean – Monsters From Mars
Mysto Reef – The Eliminators
First Plane out of Mexico – The Charles Napiers

Tomato Juice – The Phantom Surfers

Monday, September 6, 2010

Rat Surf Radio Episode #9


Hey kids, it’s Episode #9 of Rat Surf Radio! It’s almost ALOHA time for ol’ Dirtbag Surfer as I prepare to hit the high seas and venture off to Hawaii to ride the wild surf! I put together a smashing show of dee-lightful foot stomping rockers for yer listening displeasure. Enjoy the super sounds of the Cheater Slicks, the Flakes, Reigning Sound, the Dirtbag Surfers, Wounded Lion, the Persian Claws, April March and the Makers, Big Maybelle, the Surfaris and a whole a lot more! Turn it up loud and get yer groove on to a solid hour of rocking and rolling surf trash garage punk au go go! Mahalo nui loa!!

Play List:

Possession – The Cheater Slicks

Don’t Want Your Love – The Green Hornets
Tell Her That – The Flies
7 and 7 Is – Tomorrow’s Love
Love’s the Thing – The Romancers

That’s All – The Flakes
You’re So Strange – Reigning Sound
Omar Walk – Wounded Lion
Bum My Trip – The Dirtbag Surfers

Jungle Fever – The Playboys
Night Flight – Originals
The Beatle – The Buddies
Caveman Love – The Blue Jays

The Moment of Truth – The Surfaris
Freakout – The Atlantics
Moondawg – The Hollywood Tornados
Surfari – The Boardwalkers
Let’s Fist Again – The Phantom Surfers

I Got a Feelin’ – Big Maybelle
Love Is An Unfamiliar Name – The Duke Spirit
Flypaper – The Persian Claws
I Want It – Thee Headcoatees
I Just Might Crack – April March and The Makers

Ever Lovin’ Man – The Dirtbombs

Budget Rock 9 Oct 21-24!!
Terminal Boredom Message Board

Monday, August 9, 2010

Rat Surf Radio, Episode #8


Hey kids, it’s Episode #8 of Rat Surf Radio! This one is loaded up with a ton of groovy grinders, incredibly infectious instro’s and a heaping helping of slamming surf. Get yer groove on to an hour of rocking, rolling, hip shaking, foot stomping, heart quaking garage punk surf trash! Also included is a sooprize from thee soon to be happening Budget Rock 9. Dig it!

Play List:

Significatiro – The Criminals

To Find Out – The Keggs
I’m Thru – The Squires V
How Can I Make Her Mine – Bobby Roberts & the Rave-Ons

Despearate Situation – CoCoComa
I’m Not a Sicko There’s a Plate in My Head – The Oblivians
You Got Me Hummin’ – Reigning Sound
Swag – Ty Segall

Squid – Los Straightjackets
The Rumble – The Shadows
Pismo Beach – The Sentinals
Dragon Walk – The Dantes

Saca La Chela – Sr. Bikini
Sand Pumper – The Supertones
Surfs You Right – Laika and the Cosmonauts
Noche Violenta – The Remoras
Dragnet – The Charles Napiers
Dick Hickeys – The Phantom Surfers

I Smell A Rat – Big Mama Thornton
That’s Why I Cry – Veretta Dillard
Wildman – Thee Headcoatees
Ghostified – The Persian Claws
Shake It – Las Curvettes
Never See Me Again – Vivian Girls

I’m Qualified to Satisfy You – The Dirtbombs

*Note: I may have misquoted the ticket price for Budget Rock 9. Check 'em out on Facebook for the complete line up, pricing, etc.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rat Surf Radio, Episode #7


Hey kids, it’s Episode 7 of Rat Surf Radio! This one really runs the gamut
starting with cry baby crooners and tearful troubled troubadours seeking
out Roy Head’s advice, followed by a solid dose of ripping instro, then a huge
Slab-O-Surf to sink yer pointy teeth into. It finally wraps up with
"The Attack of the 50 Foot Fuzz Guitar Girls"
Hope you dig it!

Play List:

C’Mon – Thee Stag Nights

Of Old Approximately, Time For a Change – The Bourbons
Why Do You Treat Me Like a Tramp – Gashead
Treat Her Right – Roy Head and the Traits

Whitecaps Part II – The Mummies
Count Down 1-2-3 – The Twisters
The Trip – Interns

S.O.S. – Terry Randall

Psycho Beach Party Soundtrack – Ben Vaughn
The Phantom Surfer’s Alphabet – The Phantom Surfers
Iron Cross – Debbie Lori Kaye
Surf Lyre – Satan’s Pilgrims
Pabst Blue Ribbon – The Untamed Youth
Valley Surf Stomp – The Stomach Mouths
Over The Edge – The Vara-Tones
Skater Dater Rock – The Mighty Gordinis

Up Down Sue – The Luv’d Ones
Hanky Pany – The 5 6 7 8’s
Fool For You – The Booby Traps
Danger Boy – The Shimmys
Shiver – Thee Minks

I’m In Love With Your Mom - VOM

*Dirtbag Surfer does not endorse Iron Crosses, Nazi Helmets and especially not that awful crap called Pabst Blue Ribbon. Ok, I am totally lying about the first two, but please, just say no to PBR.

**Special thanks to Spider Baby, Lon Chaney Jr, Switchblade Sisters and most of all to VP for turning me on to the coolest stuff ever!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rat Surf Radio, Episode #6

It's Episode #6 of Rat Surf Radio! If you hang in there long enough I eventually get to the surf segment… Never fear and fear not, there are plenty of other bitchin’ toon’s to check out before and after including cuts ranging from the venerable Etta James to the classic 80’s punk stylin’ of San Francisco’s Fang. Check the play list for details.

Please leave comments! I welcome all your feedback, questions, love letters, death threats, marriage proposals, hate mail etc!


Bum My Trip – Action Swingers

Can’t Stop the Want I Got For You Babe – White Ape
Come On Back – Paul Ritchie
Hate – Killers Kiss
Main Street Bitch – The Strate Coats

Puttin’ Me On – The Claytons
Tough Lover – Etta James
Ugly You – The Echos
Do The Pig – Mercedes Bluenotes

Demolicion – Los Saicos
Agente Secreto – Los Shains
Mr. Moto – Los Pick Ups
Miserlou – Los Bulldogs

Squad Car – Edde and the Showmen
50 Bucks a Midget – The Penetrators
Ali Baba – Dave and the Customs
War Party – The Ramrods
Surf Hammer (live) – Big Ray and the Futuras
Space Needle – The Trashwomen
Business Deal, with Blowfly – The Phantom Surfers

The Money will Roll Right In – Fang

Rat Surf Radio

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rat Surf Radio, Episode #5

It's Episode #5 of Rat Surf Radio! Lot's of thumpin' toons and bitchin' surf to get your groove on to! Starts off with a bunch of Bay Area badness and just gets better from there! Dig it!

Episode #5 Playlist:

Rockin’ Weird – Crime

Gonna Have Fun – The Bobbyteens
Stupid Girl – The Flakes
Go Little Sputnik – The Brentwoods
Teenage Timebomb – The Okmoniks
The Pioneers/Have a Good Funeral, Yellowneck Will Pay – The Phantom Surfers

1523 Blair – The Outcasts
I’m Not a Sicko There’s a Plate in My Head – The Oblivians
The Deceiver – The Necessary Evils
Motorbike – Digger & The Pussycats
Hostile – The Busymen
Heterosexual Superstar – The Dangermen

Heart Attack – Jack & The Rippers
Scrub Bucket – Jonnie & The Cyclones
Midnight Run – The Pyramids
Kooksville – The Alohas
Flemgringo – Surf Cinema
Lightnin’ Louie – The Untamed Youth

Hat to Say I Told You So – The Shangri-Las
Peanut Duck – Marsha Gee
I Was Led to Believe – The Headcoatees
Comin’ Home Baby – The Delmonas
Another Day, Another Man – The Booby Traps
Doctor Doctor – The Shimmys

Feral – The Gories
Go Go Kitty – Delta 72
Dolemite – The Rip Offs

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rat Surf Radio, Episode #4

Slipping this one in under the radar trying to see if I can qualify to be put on the Garage Punk Podcast Network

This is episode #4 of Rat Surf Radio and this time it includes some good old creepy voiced commentary. Not really, I didn't use the creepy voice. This time.

This one is heavy on the surf and fuzz, so tune in, turn it up and blast it out!

Includes monstrous surf and fuzz from such favorites as the Crossfires, the Neptunas, stinky Link Protudi & the Jaymen, Davie Allan and the Arrows, the Trashwomen, the Phantom Surfers, the Booby Traps, the Shimmys, the Treez, the Sacred Cows, the Headcoats and others!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rat Surf Radio, Episode #3

Episode #3 of Rat Surf Radio. Another outstanding craptastic collection of surf trash garage punk 'toons coming to you almost alive from Ocean Beach San Diego California, where the Disease Meets the Seas. Due to recurring mental lapses, genius boy once again forgot to keep track of the play list. Moving right along...

The best we can offer up is that one or more songs may be included by one or more of the following bands - or maybe not:

The Motions, The Deadly Ones, Dave and the Detomics, Johnny Fortune, The 5, 6, 7, 8’s,The Cramps, The King Kahn & BBQ Show, The Oblivians, Holy Golightly, Poison 13, Supercharger, Vivian Girls, The Makers, Coach Whips, No Bunny, The Epsilons, Shit Eagle, Madmen of Note, The Pharos, The Symbols and the Demon’s Claws.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rat Surf Radio, Episode #2

Fresh fruit for rotting minds, here's Episode #2 of Rat Surf Radio! Serving up all your favorite surf trash garage punk delights from Big Drag, The Novas, Slacktone, The Mummies, Cheater Slicks, Holly Golightly, The Dirtbag Surfers, Screaming Lord Sutch, The Phantom Surfers, The Makers, Chiyo and the Crescents, Guitar Wolf and a bunch of other kick ass bands whose names I forgot to write down! This one clocks in at just under an hour, so I hope you dig it!

No talking yet, I got the new mic tonight but I am still trying to figure it out. Hopefully we'll have some gravelly-voiced commentary coming up on the next episode, so stay tuned and tell yer friends and yer enemies too!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Rat Surf Podcast Episode #1

Rat Surf Podcast Episode #1, Gettin' my grubby feet wet! Lot's of rippin' fuzz, garage punk, surf trash to get ya' going! No talking yet, but that might be a good thing at this point.


Play List:

Cycledelic – Davie Allan and The Arrows
Stop Check It – Flower Power
I’m Not Your Steppin’ Stone – The Flies
No Friend of Mine – The Sparkles
Motorcycle Meredith – Rock Revival
Charm Bag – The Gories
Hairy Eyeball – The Dirtbag Surfers
Bangalore – The Blazers
Grip and Rip – Tim Oestmann
Casbah – Sandy Osborne
Don’t Mess With Tarzan – The Pygmies
Blue Sky – The Webs
Boss – The Rumblers
Ooh-Poo-Pa-Doo – The Masonics
High Wall – The Sonics
Nothing But Drums Pt. 1 – Adrian and the Sunsets
Roadrunner – The 5, 6, 7, 8’s
Bombora – The Bambi Molesters
Sooprize Package for Mr. Mineo – Supercharger

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