Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rat Surf Radio, Episode #7


Hey kids, it’s Episode 7 of Rat Surf Radio! This one really runs the gamut
starting with cry baby crooners and tearful troubled troubadours seeking
out Roy Head’s advice, followed by a solid dose of ripping instro, then a huge
Slab-O-Surf to sink yer pointy teeth into. It finally wraps up with
"The Attack of the 50 Foot Fuzz Guitar Girls"
Hope you dig it!

Play List:

C’Mon – Thee Stag Nights

Of Old Approximately, Time For a Change – The Bourbons
Why Do You Treat Me Like a Tramp – Gashead
Treat Her Right – Roy Head and the Traits

Whitecaps Part II – The Mummies
Count Down 1-2-3 – The Twisters
The Trip – Interns

S.O.S. – Terry Randall

Psycho Beach Party Soundtrack – Ben Vaughn
The Phantom Surfer’s Alphabet – The Phantom Surfers
Iron Cross – Debbie Lori Kaye
Surf Lyre – Satan’s Pilgrims
Pabst Blue Ribbon – The Untamed Youth
Valley Surf Stomp – The Stomach Mouths
Over The Edge – The Vara-Tones
Skater Dater Rock – The Mighty Gordinis

Up Down Sue – The Luv’d Ones
Hanky Pany – The 5 6 7 8’s
Fool For You – The Booby Traps
Danger Boy – The Shimmys
Shiver – Thee Minks

I’m In Love With Your Mom - VOM

*Dirtbag Surfer does not endorse Iron Crosses, Nazi Helmets and especially not that awful crap called Pabst Blue Ribbon. Ok, I am totally lying about the first two, but please, just say no to PBR.

**Special thanks to Spider Baby, Lon Chaney Jr, Switchblade Sisters and most of all to VP for turning me on to the coolest stuff ever!


  1. Loved the show! One of your best.
    Being a huge surf fan I especially liked that set, but also got "into" the Mummies, Debbie Lori Kay and the 5,6,7,8s (aren't they the Japanese girl band?)
    You are keepin' it keen DBS!

  2. Bob knows how many shenanigans I've gotten myself into listening/drinking to Pabst Blue Ribbon...awesome inclusion mon frer!

  3. shaking with anticipation downloading this.

    public transport will never be the same again