Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rat Surf Radio Episode #11


Hey kids, it’s Episode #11 of Rat Surf Radio! This episode starts out with a great new band out of Los Angeles, OFF!, featuring punk rock legend Keith Morris on vocals. Then we have a little early 80’s punk rock history lesson, Southern California style, with some of my favorite bands of that era. Don’t worry, hang in there and you’ll get yer fill of ear blastin’ garage trash and a healthy serving of slamming surf and intense instro - just as always! Hope ya dig it, don’t forget to share the love on your favorite social network and please leave a comment! Thanks fer listening!!

Play List:

Upside Down – Off!

Nervous Breakdown – Black Flag
Standing In Front of Poseur – Redd Kross
Wild in the Streets (7” version) – Circle Jerks

Miss Luxury – Bantam Rooster
Right Now – Teengenerate
Got to Get You Outside My Head – Thee Mighty Caesars
I Walk Alone – Beguiled

Lost Girl – Troggs
I’m a Roustabout – The Malcontents
Feel It – It’s All Meat

Test Driver – The Bunnys
Standoff – Hipbone Slim & The Kneetremblers
Zombie – CJ & The Casuals

Rocket Sled to Oahu – Meltones
Seven Faces Of Dr. Surf – Urban Surf Kings
Full Inch of Tongue – The Charles Napiers
Coffin Dagger – Coffin Daggers
Dick Hickeys – The Phantom Surfers

That Look You Gave to Me – Mickey & Ludella
You Can Touch – The A-Lines
I Can’t Be Trusted – Holly Golightly

My Dad’s A Fuckin’ Alcoholic – Frantix