Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rat Surf Radio, Episode #6

It's Episode #6 of Rat Surf Radio! If you hang in there long enough I eventually get to the surf segment… Never fear and fear not, there are plenty of other bitchin’ toon’s to check out before and after including cuts ranging from the venerable Etta James to the classic 80’s punk stylin’ of San Francisco’s Fang. Check the play list for details.

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Bum My Trip – Action Swingers

Can’t Stop the Want I Got For You Babe – White Ape
Come On Back – Paul Ritchie
Hate – Killers Kiss
Main Street Bitch – The Strate Coats

Puttin’ Me On – The Claytons
Tough Lover – Etta James
Ugly You – The Echos
Do The Pig – Mercedes Bluenotes

Demolicion – Los Saicos
Agente Secreto – Los Shains
Mr. Moto – Los Pick Ups
Miserlou – Los Bulldogs

Squad Car – Edde and the Showmen
50 Bucks a Midget – The Penetrators
Ali Baba – Dave and the Customs
War Party – The Ramrods
Surf Hammer (live) – Big Ray and the Futuras
Space Needle – The Trashwomen
Business Deal, with Blowfly – The Phantom Surfers

The Money will Roll Right In – Fang

Rat Surf Radio