Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rat Surf Radio Episode #12


Finally, it’s the end of 2010 and time for Episode #12 of Rat Surf Radio! This episode starts right off with some pounding punk rock from The Shirks, OFF! and legendary San Francisco punk godfathers, Crime. That raucous rampage is followed up by a hip, happening set featuring some great garage bands from the sixties that you may or may not have ever heard of before. Then it’s right into the surf segment and oh what a great set it is, loaded with everything from San Francisco’s Phantom Surfers and Trashwomen to Costa Mesa’s surf trash kings, Thee Cormans. Of course, I save my fav’s for last, featuring some of the best tunes by the ladies including Big Maybelle, Birdie Green and a super tight band out of tiny Burlington, Vermont, The Persian Claws. Hope ya dig it, don’t forget to share the love on your favorite social networks and please leave a comment! Thanks fer listening!!

Play List:

Long Time – The Shirks
I Don’t Belong – OFF!
Hot Wire My Heart – Crime

Something Bad – The Mojo Men
Did Ya Need to Know? – Dale Gregory and the Shouters
Double Whammy – Jack Bedient & The Chessmen
It’s a Lie – The Cobras

Hangover – The Waistcoats
High Voltage – The Treblemakers
Flutterfoot – The Phantom Surfers
Signs of the Ages – The Vice Barons
Surf Party – The Tormentos
Romulan Attack – Thee Shatners
Miserlou – The Trashwomen
Number 6 – Thee Cormans

Dark Eyes – The Kingsmen
Cobra – Bailey’s Nervous Kats
Ace Of Spades – The Charles Napiers

I’ve Got a Feelin’ – Big Maybelle
Tremblin’ – Birdie Green
Baby Doll – Del Moroccos
Yours Sincerely – The Persian Claws
Try To Cry – April March and the Makers

Surf Ghetto – The Crowd