Monday, July 4, 2011

Rat Suf Radio Episode #15


Hey there kids! Finally, here’s Episode #15 of Rat Surf Radio! Been super busy and down for the count for a bit due to surgery for the dreaded surfer's ear, but I'm back in the water and also back on the internet airwaves. This episode kicks off with a killer tune by the Armitage Shanks and then just delivers the goods with a super serving of some of the finest garage punk surf trash to ever victimize yer ear bones. I hope ya dig it and thanks for listening! Please, please make sure you spread the love on yer favorite social network and please, leave me a comment here and/or on Facebook!

Play List:

Love in a Void – Armitage Shanks

Kill Someone You Hate – Redd Kross
Hipsville 29 B.C. – The Sparkles
Girl Like You – The Rooks
I Need You – Thane Russal

The Girl Can't Dance – Bunker Hill
Daddy Long Legs – Lindsay Muir's Untamed
You're No Good – Dee Dee Warwick
I Cry Real Tears – The Gizmos
No Reason To Complain – Alarm Clocks
Possession– Cheater Slicks
I Can Destroy All Your Love – The Headcoats

Lightin' Louie – The Untamed Youth
Pipeline – Eagles
Tartaria – Os Tartaros
Number 6 – Thee Cormans

I See Dead People – The Monsters
Bewitched – The Squares
Black Lightening Light – The Shy Guys
You Ruined My Night's Rest – Thee Headcoatees
Lot's More Where You Came From – Wanted (Detroit)
Run – Sandie Shaw
Heartaches Stay The Night – The Esquires

Looking For My Baby – The Nightriders